Email Jeet [review]

Creator: Radu Hahaianu and also Cyral Gupta

Type: Desktop Software

POS: Has some worth as an emergency situation backup

NEG: Not sensible for the serous email marketing professional

Hey every person Brett right here and also today Im having a look at Email Jeet. This one was a challenging one for me. You see its being launched by Radu Hahaianu and also Cyral Gupta. The trouble is that I have worked with Radu prior to with me advertising for him as well as him promoting for me and I would […]
by Brett Rutecky
Hey every person Brett right here and also today Im having a look at Email Jeet.

This was a hard one for me. You see its being released by Radu Hahaianu and Cyral Gupta. The issue is that I have worked with Radu prior to with me advertising for him and also him promoting for me and also I would truly prefer to remain to do so. Likewise I respect him as an online marketer and also designer. I also respect Cyral as a developer and also have truly liked some of his various other software application.

I had problem with this evaluation for several days. However as constantly my initial loyalty needs to be to my visitors and also I need to be totally straightforward and state precisely just what I assume. I simply hope that Radu as well as Cyral will certainly not take this evaluation as an individual strike due to the fact that it is not intended to be in any way.

Ok so just what is Email Jeet? Well its a desktop e-mail software program that the developers insurance claim is far better than utilizing an auto -responder for 3 major reasons. 1) No regular monthly costs like vehicle -responders. 2) No down time 3) No limitation on list imports. In fact right here is a removed from a sales web page sneak peek I was offered.


Ok so lets take each one these points first before we go on to looking at the software application itself.

First no regular monthly fees: This is type of true yet not really. You see the software application itself does not in fact send out emails. You have to utilize an outside solution to send the e-mails. There are numerous choices it supports such as MailGun, Amazon SES, SendGrid, PostMark and also MailJet. It also supports SMTP so you could send emails from your very own web server (if you have one).

Of these sending out options just SMTP is complimentary. The various other choices are all paid services that will certainly bill you on a per e-mail or monthly basis. In some cases these charges might be reduced yet relying on the number of emails you send you may really pay even more by using these solutions after that if you simply made use of a autoresponder. This is since these services charge on a per email basis not based on your listing dimension.

As an example: One of my lists has regarding 3,700 customers on it and also I send by mail to it concerning 20 times a month. This suggests I send out 74000 emails monthly to this checklist. Utilizing MailChimp I pay $50 per month for the 2801-5000 subscribe tier with limitless sends out. Nevertheless making use of Email Jeet with Mailjet I would certainly should pay each e-mail as well as my regular monthly charges would certainly be $51.49.

Currently this is just a bit greater than my automobile -responder and in many cases, for lots of people the rate will certainly be less than a car responder price. For instance if your sending out much less variety of times a month it will be reduced. Also some of the various other solutions have far better pricing. For instance in the scenario above Mailgun would certainly bill me $32. The point though is that these services are in no other way cost-free and while it is practically not a regular monthly fee considering that your paying each e-mail, if you plan on sending out regularly to your checklist, you will certainly effectively be paying monthly. The whole ‘no monthly charge’ component is misleading at best.

Now there is an alternative to send by means of SMTP on your own server/ host. This is entirely complimentary. However there are issues that make this not really a feasible option. You see considering that Email Jeet is a desktop computer software program as well as not an internet software program it has no unsubscribe functionality constructed right into it. The only unsubscribe capability supplied is the default functionality from using among the paid solutions such as Mailgun. This does not exist with using SMTP and also considering that it does not exist in the software application either there is no chance for individuals getting your e-mails to unsubscribe if you make use of SMTP. Just what this also implies is that this choice is not can spam certified. Basically if you are using this alternative you are a spammer. Not good.

Second no limitations on importing: This is true to a mistake. You see because this is your very own software running on your very own computer there is no person to tell you that you cant import a listing. Regrettably this additionally means that its the only method to obtain a checklist into your software program. There is no API assimilation. You angle put a type on a press web page or your site for instance as well as have it go into your list instantly like you can with an autoresponder. You need to use other 3rd event software program that conserves your signups to a.text data or.csv documents and after that manually add them to the software regularly. This is brought on by the fact that this is desktop computer software application and also not internet based software. Had it been web based they could have had an API or a kind builder. However they opted to go the much less desirable desktop computer path.

While we get on the subject of listing importing we may too also talk about listing management with this software application. Its horrible. There is no chance to also see the e-mails on your listing. As I claimed the only method to include e-mails is to import. This is true if you even want to add a single subscriber. You need to place the e-mail in a text data and import it right into the software application. If you intend to delete a customer you have to place the e-mail into a text data as well as import it with the delete option. Its dreadful. Why could they not simply allow you see your client checklist as well as have an input field to include a brand-new subscriber to the checklist as well as probably a check box alongside each client to delete them from the checklist? Truthfully I angle consider any kind of valid reason that they decided to completely overlook checklist monitoring.

Even even worse compared to that there is no click or stat tracking developed into the software. There is no email open tracking built into the software program. The only tracking to be had is if you log into the sending out service you are making use of and see it there. There is no details in the software program itself. I discovered it extremely frustrating that I need to use a desktop software to send my emails and afterwards visit elsewhere to check out the outcomes of the send.

The third thing is no down time: A while back there where some problems where a few of the popular autoresponders decreased for brief time periods (30min– 1 hr and extremely rarely a bit much more). So exactly what they are trying to do is play on that and state that utilizing this software program you never need to bother with down time. Well first of all the autoresponders hardly ever drop and the problems they had a bit ago was an unusual incident. Second this software application uses 3rd party services to do the sending out. Also the SMTP alternative utilizes your host. Well those services could decrease too. There is no way that the developers of this item can claim no down time when their product relies on a 3rd event integration which can go down. I mean they use computers that go through failure much like the autoresponders. This statement is silly and its a sly play on peoples anxieties to aim to obtain sales.

Ok so since we covered the claims that they make allows take a look at the software itself:

One of the very first points I discovered about this software when I opened it exists is no help section construct into the software application. Im making use of Windows as well as I can honestly claim I have never seen a Windows desktop computer software application that has no assistance menu in it. Even something very basic like Notepad has a help food selection in the header. The makers of this did tell me there is tutorials in the download location but actually why do they have to be there and also if they have to be online why cant they have a help button or food selection item that when clicked opens your internet browser and also takes you to the on the internet tutorials. Its a tiny point but it shows a lack of attention to information in the software application’s overall layout.

I currently reported regarding the very bad list administration functionality and the lack of any type of sort of in software reporting so I wont repeat that once more and will certainly rather focus on the actual email editor.

This has the capacity to send out HTML emails but the editor is not true WYSIWYG. You need to enter HTML code and afterwards press the sneak peek switch to see what your e-mail will certainly appear like. It would have been far better if the editor was divided right into 2 sections. The input section and also the real-time preview that updates as you kind. Likewise once more there is a problem with this being desktop computer software because any graphics you wish to include in your email (such as a logo) must be held somewhere else, and also you then go into the URL right into the HTML code.

Perhaps the worst feature of this editor though is there is no other way to conserve a template. What I suggest is that when sending emails your likely to desire them to be formatted comparable with comparable logo design graphics, background etc. It would be excellent if you can use the HTML editor to make a layout then save it for later use so all you need to do is complete the message web content of your e-mail. Yet there is no way to conserve a design template whatsoever. Not trendy.

I talked to Cyril a lot about this software as well as made a number of change suggestions. Now to his credit history he did incorporate several of them. However truthfully there are to several problems with this software application for him to make all the modifications I recommended. One adjustment he did integrate could be seen in the screenshot. At the really bottom you can see there is a throttling alternative when sending out emails. This is called for when using the SMTP choice to prevent you from having issues with your organizing. It did not leave nevertheless until I directed this out.

In the conversation it appears that he knew that SMTP would need throttling. So I have to ask yourself. Why didnt he include it to begin with without me and that other man (who ever before he is) needing to ask for it?

While they want you to believe that buying this is going to conserve you the cost of paying an autoresponder the basic reality is that this comes with prices of its very own as well as has such minimal performance that it is in no other way a viable replacement for an autoresponder. In fact Cyril agrees with me that this remains in no other way a substitute for an autoresponder.


A supplement to your autoresponder? Thats just ridiculous. Its like saying I need to get a bus pass when I have a cars and truck. Why would I get a poorer high quality solution (that additionally has charges) when Im currently paying for a much better and also much more practical service anyway? Also if this is not a replacement for the autoresponder compared to why are they saying on the sales web page:


Well why would they also ask you if your tired of paying autoresponder costs if by their own reasoning this does not eliminate the requirement for an autoresponder? I simply do not obtain it.

The easy truth is that since this is desktop computer software as well as not internet based it is so minimal that it is never ever going to change a real autoresponder. Its only actual use is if you happen to have an e-mail checklist that you want to import and mail to. However even after that MailChimp permits list imports without a double optin. They likewise have a completely complimentary plan for anybody with under 2K subscribers as well as 12,000 e-mail sends out monthly.

Besides the checklist import (which for many people is not a big trouble) the only other usage is if the autoresponders go down (yet that hardly ever happens and also this makes use of 3rd celebration solutions which can likewise decrease). I presume maybe beneficial if your autoresponder prohibits you. But if they do outlaw you after that your possibly a spammer and not a marketing professional anyhow. In which case this would be a great spamming tool. However, for the genuine email marketer this is not a really practical tool in my opinion.

Again I intend to be clear that the major factor for its shortages is the fact that its desktop software program. I assume the principle of not utilizing an autoresponder is a very good one yet this is extremely restricted in its functionality by the fact that its not web based.

Sorry Radu and Cyril. I have advertised for you prior to an I intend to do so again in the future. But this time I have to claim:


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